The Healthcare Playbook for Making MIPS a Change Enabler

7 Key Takeaways:

  • Collaborate Internally and Externally
  • Define Workflows and Data-Capture Strategy
  • Build on Experiences
  • Focus on What Matters
  • Create Relevant Reports that Show Impact
  • Foster Competition and Reward Good Behavior
  • Don’t Skimp on Training

eBook: The Healthcare Playbook

MIPS is more than just a compliance program for Medicare. It’s a change-enabler for value-based care. Healthcare organizations and medical groups of all sizes that embrace this idea are experiencing meaningful improvements in quality measurement and earning top scores as a result. In this eBook, we outline 7 ways to make MIPS a change-enabler. 

“We were able to identify the biggest opportunity to increase our score, re-assess our workflows and re-train staff. We now monitor improvement daily.” 

~ Collin Roloff, Analytics Manager, Christie Clinic

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SA Ignite helps healthcare organizations earn top scores in MIPS with our IgniteMIPS cloud-based software and services. Our customers consistently earn scores in the 90's and are prepared for success in value-based care.

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