Optimize your participation in MIPS

MIPS is a competitive program, comparing final scores and rewarding those who perform higher than average and penalizing those who are below. To find success under MIPS, clinicians need to continually improve to stay ahead of the competition.

The IgniteMIPSSM solution helps you predict your quality scores to proactively address any shortcomings and optimize your performance. IgniteMIPS runs on the IgniteQTM platform, allowing you to build a single database of clinician information for end-to-end management, including eligibility, analytics, performance monitoring, and submission.

SA Ignite drew upon its industry-leading expertise in value-based programs to create a powerful tool that is easy to use. And IgniteMIPS is EHR-agnostic, allowing you to consolidate information from multiple EHRs if necessary.

IgniteMIPS will help you:

  • Assess which reporting method is best for your organization
  • Decide which measures will optimize your quality score
  • Determine which measure improvements will move the needle most
  • See what your quality scores will look like under different scenarios
  • Estimate the program’s overall financial impact on your organization
  • Predict and monitor your performance as compared to benchmarks

SA Ignite will continue to review and interpret the complex and ever-changing rules as they’re released, build the changes into the solution, and assist your organization in navigating those changes.

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