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Work with industry experts to create strategy

Along with powerful cloud-based analytics and program management software, SA Ignite’s unmatched team of Quality Payment Program experts provide advisory services to help you understand regulatory implications, make strategic decisions, and create a plan for success. SA Ignite offers a full suite of complementary services:

  • SA Expert Education: Learn about the impact of industry trends, regulatory changes, and more from industry leaders who provide both theoretical and operational education. SA Ignite has years of experience combing through thousands of pages of regulations as well as working hand-in-hand with healthcare organizations to successfully report for thousands of clinicians.
  • SA Advanced APM Analysis: Make a definitive decision regarding participating in MIPS or an APM based on custom data. The analysis compares practical dimensions of the chosen programs, assesses potential future performance, and identifies gaps in administrative and infrastructure readiness.

As the only comprehensive solution in the market, IgniteMIPS enables healthcare organizations to excel at both program and performance management for value-based program success.

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