Multi-Specialty Groups Can Hit MIPS Out of the Park

October 4th, 2018 by

For multi-specialty groups, MIPS can be a burden. It can be confusing, time consuming and downright painful to manage. As the healthcare industry evolves, government and commercial payment programs are moving toward value-based care. At the same time, consumers (74 million aging baby boomers, and their children) are factoring quality metrics into their decision-making process when selecting a physician.

We spoke with several multi-specialty healthcare providers at the MGMA18 national conference in Boston, MA last week. Everyone said the same thing: MIPS is a challenge due to limitations in getting the timely and accurate data needed to truly understand performance and drive improvements. Specialists are left out in the cold and may experience low MIPS scores because they can’t impact measures that have nothing to do with their practice – cardiology, ENT, neurology, etc.

Even with these challenges, multi-specialty groups can still succeed in MIPS while improving performance on measures that are meaningful to them. Learn how you can get all of your clinicians engaged in MIPS and value-based care in this short slide share.



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