MIPS Calculator

Determine your MIPS financial impact with the calculator built by the regulatory experts

Are you wondering how MIPS will affect your bottom line? Drawing upon our deep regulatory expertise, SA Ignite has created a calculator that helps you determine the estimated financial implications based on your organization’s data. This advanced tool enables you to:

  • Calculate the MIPS score for full MIPS as well as alternative payment models
  • Determine how the MIPS payment changes as the scores increase/decrease
  • Project your score and reimbursement over four years, taking in to account the increase in the incentive/penalty

To use the calculator, gather your input data including your number of eligible clinicians, annual Medicare Part B payments and projected MIPS category scores and then you can see your projected incentives/penalties over time as well as make adjustments to variable items like the threshold and exceptional performance bonus.

Download the most comprehensive MIPS Financial Calculator by clicking here. You’ll receive an easily downloaded Excel file that contains the calculator as well as directions on how to use it.

MIPS Financial Calculator Tutorial

Get a complete tutorial of the calculator to get started

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