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SA Ignite is widely acknowledged as one of the nation’s leading experts in value-based care programs. Through deep immersion in the new programs, participation in the regulatory process, consultation with leading healthcare providers, and hands-on experience, SA Ignite has amassed unmatched expertise in navigating the new payment models.

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Quality Payment Program

The new value-based reimbursement system, the Quality Payment Program (QPP), was created to replace a veritable “alphabet soup” of various quality measurements and reimbursement programs. While it may eventually simplify the reporting process, implementing the new programs and ensuring you fully leverage opportunities to increase reimbursement and enhance your reputation will prove challenging.

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Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is a competitive value-based program that merges Meaningful Use and PQRS, delivering a single annual score that is determined by multiple categories. MIPS will impact both revenue and reputation: providers’ annual MIPS score will determine Medicaid reimbursement adjustments and will also be reported publicly.

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Advanced Alternative Payment Models

Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs) are value-based program models operated by CMS. Qualifying participants in Advanced APMs can earn an annual 5% Part B incentive (paid 2019–2024) and potentially are exempt from MIPS. Minimum requirements include the use of certified EHR technology, quality measurement, and the level of financial risk placed upon clinicians.

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Medicaid Meaningful Use

Now that MIPS is here, healthcare organizations that receive reimbursement from both Medicare and Medicaid will have to report for multiple value-based programs, as Medicaid providers still need to report for Meaningful Use in 2017 and beyond. Non-compliance means leaving money on the table.

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