CalHIPSO Webinar: MIPS Reporting for 2018

In this webinar, CalHIPSO and SA Ignite discuss what you and your practice need to know as you look forward to reporting for MIPS Year 2 (2018).

There are many factors to consider that effect your scores as the MIPS treadmill accelerates. 2018 is very similar to 2017 with slightly higher thresholds and benchmarks. We explore various scenarios and the impact each decision has to clinicians and groups including:

  • Maintaining the course: What happens if you don’t change anything from 2017?
  • Reviewing the MIPS Categories: Which ones will deliver the highest value to your practice and have a positive impact on your MIPS performance?
  • Changing the objectives and measures you focus on: How do you know which ones will deliver the highest value- and whether you meet the minimum requirements?
  • Doing OK with MIPS today? Keep an eye on 2019. Are you establishing the foundation necessary to hit the ground running in 2019 when MIPS gets real?



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