Podcast: Alternative Payment Models – Perspectives from a new RAND Corporation Report

January 16th, 2019 by

Stay on the path toward simplicity to get wide-spread participation in value-based payment models — That is key advice revealed in this 28-minute podcast where Dr. Mark Friedberg, Senior Physician Policy Research, RAND Corporation discusses the effects of alternative payment models on physician practices and why it’s essential for payers (and CMS) to keep it simple.

Oftentimes research conducted on alternative payment models looks at the effects of a single VBC program on quality of care and patient experience. Seldom does the research examine the effects these programs have on physician practices in regard to operationalizing and complying with the regulations. In this Voices in Value-Based Care show, I interview Dr. Friedberg about a new study published by RAND Corporation that examines the effects of multiple alternative payment models on the health of physician practices. As MIPS gains momentum, CMS pushes toward two-sided risk in ACOs, and payers continue to expand alternative payment models it’s important to look at how these programs will impact providers and their willingness to participate.

Access the RAND Corporation report here: The Effects of Alternative Payment Models on Physician Practices, October, 2018.

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